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        Exhaust gas treatment equipment keeps the living environment away from atmospheric pollution

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        How does industrial waste gas treatment equipment absorb industrial waste gas? It usually consists of the following steps:

        1. Adsorption, the adsorbent molecules that have reached the surface of the micropores are adsorbed by the solid, and the exhaust gas generated from the spraying workshop is captured by the purification, the system's suction hood, enters the adsorption bed through the pipeline, and then enters the high-efficiency purification through the activated carbon fiber. The treated gas is discharged by the blower through the air cylinder, and the gas is discharged after purification.

           2. External diffusion, the diffusion of adsorbate molecules from the gas phase to the outer surface of the adsorbent particles

           3. Internal diffusion, the diffusion of adsorbate molecules along the pores of the adsorbent to the inner surface of the adsorbent.

          Through today's introduction, everyone should have a basic concept of working procedures, hoping to help you.

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