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        RTO waste gas incinerator
        Hebei Langfang RTO
        Hebei Langfang RTO
        所属公司 : 常州市中康环保设备有限公司
        关键词 : Hebei Langfang RTO
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        Structural drawing

        The use of direct and efficient heat exchange of heat storage materials and the treatment of environmentally friendly waste gas for energy saving and consumption reduction are new technologies that came out in the 1990s abroad. Our company has developed on the basis of digesting heat storage principles and thermal oxidation furnace technology. Two-car, three-car and multi-car back-blowing regenerative oxidation furnace; suitable for the treatment of organic waste gas with low composition and large air volume, which has complex composition and contains corrosive or halogen, sulfur, phosphorus, arsenic and other toxic substances to the catalyst. Application and treatment of certain special odors that require high temperature oxidation to eliminate odors. This type of furnace has advanced technology, long-term stable operation, low operating cost, and the system realizes fully automatic control.

        Characteristics of regenerative oxidation system:

        (1) Adopting regenerative heat exchange device, the regenerative carrier directly exchanges heat with the gas, the furnace radiant temperature and pressure are large, and the heating speed is fast; the effect of low temperature heat exchange is significant, so the heat exchange efficiency is particularly high; the recovery of oxidation products is very limited Sensible heat. High thermal efficiency, low exhaust temperature, and significant energy saving effect. Reducing fuel consumption means reducing greenhouse gas emissions;

        (2) The temperature in the heat storage chamber is evenly graded and increased, which enhances the heat transfer in the furnace and the heat exchange effect is even more. Therefore, the furnace volume of the oxidation furnace with the same processing capacity can be reduced, which greatly reduces the cost of the equipment;

        (3) Because the flame is not generated in the burner, it starts to oxidize gradually in the high-temperature regenerator in the furnace, and there is no high-temperature front, so the oxidation noise is low;

        (4) The high-temperature flame oxidation area is expanded, and the flame boundary almost extends to the boundary of the furnace, so that the temperature in the furnace is uniform, so that on the one hand, the purification efficiency is improved, and on the other hand, the furnace life is extended;

        (5) The thermodynamic conditions are completely different from the traditional combustion process. The staged oxidation technology is used to release the heat energy by delayed oxidation; the temperature rise in the furnace is uniform, the heat loss is low; and the heating effect is consumed. There is no longer the local high temperature and high oxygen zone in the traditional combustion process; the generation of thermal nitrogen oxides (NOx) is suppressed, and the environmental protection effect is good;

        (6) The temperature in the oxidation chamber rises as a whole and the distribution becomes more uniform; the furnace temperature can reach 800 ℃, the air flow rate is small, the oxidation speed is fast, the flue gas stays in the furnace at high temperature for a long time, and the organic matter is completely oxidized and decomposed. The environmental protection effect is remarkable;

        (7) The system adopts PLC automatic oxidation control, with high degree of automation, stable operation, high safety and reliability;

        (8) According to the situation of waste gas, a heat energy recovery device can be reasonably set, and a heat exchanger, a heat-conducting oil furnace or a waste heat boiler can be connected to the high temperature oxidation chamber; low temperature flue gas is used to heat the waste gas and make full use of the waste heat in the waste gas.

        Scope of application: 

        Chemical treatment \Coil spraying \Spraying \Food processing \Lamination molding \Metal parts printing \Odor control \Pharmaceutical \Printing and manufacturing \Semiconductor manufacturing \Water and soil treatment \Painting \Vinyl flooring \Wooden products

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